Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Busy Month

Whew!  What  a busy month!  We've had our gospel meeting, the fair, one daughter moving, and the constant renovation of Steve's mother's house that we're trying to get ready for our other daughter, we've had hardly any time to catch our breath.  On top of that we made a trip to East Tennessee to see Lucas for his birthday.  I keep thinking that things will calm down and I can get caught up on some things I want to get done, but then something else always comes up. 
The girls are coming along great.  They're growing and learning so much.  Lorien is really talking a lot, and Ava is starting to say some words and is getting to where she can let us know what she wants, which makes things a lot easier.  Of course, I'm trying to enjoy this time, because I know it will get hectic again once the new baby gets here.  We're really trying to enjoy going outside and the nice weather we've been having.  I know as the cold weather comes we're going to be trapped inside a lot.  I'm hoping for a cold wet winter with lots of snow days, so I can catch some breaks here and there, although I really love spending time with my babies. 

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