Thursday, August 23, 2012

Another week goes by

Another week.  It's had its ups and downs, but overall things are going smoother.  I'm starting to get into a routine with the babies.  And I'm finding out what works with them and what doesn't.  A couple of bad incidents, though:  I let Lorien fall off our bed, and I let Ava slide off the couch.  I felt so bad that I let that happen.  I've really been more vigilent since then, though.   Today was an especially good day.  They both took good naps, even if not at the same time, and were both in a good mood. It's a good thing, too.  Stephanie had to go to a meeting and Ashli was sick with a throat infection so I had Lorien later than usual and I'm taking care of Ava all night.  Whew!  I hope tomorrow goes well.
diaper changing time!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Catching up...

It's been almost two weeks now.  I was intending to be more faithful posting, but apparently it ain't happening. My days are so full, and in the evening I'm so exhausted.  But I'm not complaining.  I'm still loving it.  It's so rewarding taking care of babies who depend do much on you.  Some days are more challenging than others, though.  Today was a little rough.  Lorien is getting more mobile, even though she's not crawling.  Which means I have to really keep an eye on her.  Ava had her two month shots yesterday and was feeling the consequences of that.  She was running a fever and I knew her legs were hurting by the way she drew them up.  But she was still in a good mood, poor thing!  I am getting better at timing their naps and feeding schedule, and it's not as nerve racking when they're both crying.  I'm learning what soothes and entertains both of them, and sometimes my creativity kicks in when dealing with "situations". 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Today was the first day of school, and I wasn't there.  But I was busy none the less.  As a matter of fact, it was a pretty hectic day.  I found out pretty quick that each day brings its own challenges.  And if I think I've figured out the best way to handle things, the next time it doesn't work.  But I just try to go with the flow. The worse situation I deal with is trying to get one asleep while the other is still awake, because neither one of them can entertained themselves long enough for the other to get to sleep.  I know this will get better with time.  I'm looking forward to getting into a routine, which has been impossible up until now.  But I'm still loving it, and look forward to seeing both my babies every morning.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Adventure Begins

For the last 48 years, when school started, I started with it.  This year, that's all changed.    Both of my daughters had babies within the last year.  After a lot of soul searching and budget crunching, my husband and I decided we could make the sacrifice to care for these precious babies.  So I turned in my time to the school system, cleaned out my desk, and went to the house.  That's right!  I'm officially retired.  Since both my daughters are teachers in the school system, my clock will still run on school time. But that's okay.  I like  that I'm still connected to school in some fashion.  And since they've had in-services this past week, I've had the chance to begin my new "career".  It's been hectic, it's been challenging, but it's been so rewarding.  I'm loving every minute of it!